Your wardrobe’s wish list

Close your eyes for few seconds and imagine you have a wish list. Some of us will think about a romantic trip to Paris, others will ask for a new car, a dream job or maybe a set of jewelry. Have you ever thought what your wardrobe would like to have? Or what is exactly your wardrobe’s dream list?

Let’s explore it together!

The first wish goes to a leather perfecto jacket that can be paired with a jeans and a t-shirt for a casual daily look or with a flowy bohemian dress with a bulky combat boots. The leather jacket can be spotted as well during breezy summer nights or added on the shoulders to add some edginess. Grab your leather jacket now and uplift your outfit!

The second wish goes to the famous masculine suit. No it’s not for business women only! The masculine suit is the go-to item that can be styled differently. A double breasted pant suit paired with a high heels will definitely give the impression of a classic business woman heading to an important meeting but let’s switch the heels with a white or any bulky sneakers and a big tote bag, the suit will give a cool trendy street style look and match runway outfits. In addition, the skirt suit now is a booming trend and spotted on fashionistas latest Instagram looks.  So yes ladies, the suit is your wardrobe’s wish list and of course a must have item!

Now when it comes to bags, the list is extended! Many bag styles are essential in any woman wardrobe. Starting with her daily handbag carrying make up and hygiene kits, her favorite book, a notebook with a pen, the kids favorite snack, keys, pills, pads and anything that can cross your mind is found there! In addition to the handbag, the must have item is a trendy clutch for her night outfits or special occasions. The clutch will upgrade the look and give it an elegant style. Not to mention, the trendy belt bags and the easy-to-wear backpacks that can match several looks and change the whole outfit.

We can’t talk about bags without mentioning shoes. A pair of combat bulky boots to match the skirts, dresses and shorts, a white sneakers for the daily casual looks and the black pump for classic occasions, can summarize the shoes wish list and cover all essential looks. It is easy right?

So yes, your wardrobe has a wish list and the dream closet is one step away! Fulfill your wardrobe’s dream and be trendy!

Author: Carine Fermanian

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