A One-Night Stand with a Designer Dress

Let’s face it. Fashion has been shifting drastically over the past few years. And I’m not discussing the shuffle in trends. I think the major shift of today’s fashion is being reflected in the customer’s shopping awareness. The customer is now more mindful about HOW to shop rather than just focusing on WHAT to shop. And I must say, the approach is now definitely smarter.

Recently, the market for rental designer dresses has been expanding and it’s currently overtaking other businesses that are specified only in selling their fashion items. Also, by offering many benefits to the customer, it’s safe to say that now ‘rental is the new black’.

Here are 5 reasons why renting a dress is better than owning it:

1‐ Keep it Interesting

If you ever wondered why fashion and women ‐in particular‐ have this inseparable bond, it’s mainly because fashion help women express their character in creative visual details. The dress a woman wears is only a tool to help her make a statement. But why make the same statement twice when you can reinvent yourself over and over again? In other words, if you choose that gorgeous dress to make a statement and you succeed to leave a great impression in other people’s memory, then the dress has already served its purpose. Wearing it again, however, will not add anything new to the table. The statement is said and done. That’s why women try to avoid repetitiveness. So, the new shopping approach is presented in owning the look rather than owning the actual dress. Enter, ‘rental’!

2‐ Invest Guiltlessly

The great thing about the concept of rental designer dresses is that it opened the possibility for women to experiment in styles which they don’t normally go for on a daily basis. They are invited to own the dress look of as many different designers as they choose. This allows them to shop for their dress guilt‐free. For instance, if a woman has a special occasion that requires a grand over‐the‐top dress look, she would rather choose a designer dress but also pay a low budget since she probably won’t be wearing it again. So, with rental you don’t compromise style for budget.

3‐ Save up Closet Space

Let’s imagine a scenario. You open your closet, you gasp! Too many crammed up dresses yet nothing makes a good enough option for your occasion. That’s the typical scenario that we all go through. But let’s go a bit further: When we are going through our wardrobe, almost every time, we end up asking ourselves: “Why do I still have this dress?” We come up with excuses like: “This dress might fit me again when I lose these 15 pounds soon”, or “I’ll probably wear this in the summer, when I get my tan fixed”, or “I paid a full
salary on this dress; I’m NOT throwing it away”. We make up these excuses because we feel guilty to throw them away, yet deep down we truly want them out! With rental, we don’t have this dilemma… because well, our great dress looks would be piled up in our phone photo gallery, NOT our closet!

4‐ Create Sustainable Fashion

Design is infinite. Every day there’s a new chance to create and wear a new style. But with constant innovation comes excessive growth in wardrobe production that is polluting the environment due to the concept of the 1‐time‐usage. With rental, fashion is eco‐friendly and more responsible. The same dress can be worn by many women and recycled instead of going to waste.

5‐ Wear a Customized Designer Dress

Walking into a designer dress rental shop gives fashion‐enthusiastic women the feeling of being pampered by their favorite designers. As if the entire dresses in the shop were a capsule collection made by A‐listers designers entirely and specifically for her. Think of it like a six‐year‐old girl roaming in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory‐ it’s THE dream!

So, with all that being said, it makes perfect sense as to why fashionable women are no longer conflicted when they’re dress‐shopping for their next occasion. ‘Rental’ is the way to go‐ where style is never compromised. One perfect night, one perfect designer dress!

Author: Rawia Chami

5 reasons why renting a dress in Lebanon is better than buying it
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