VieTrendy vs Netflix- How similar is choosing a bag is to choosing a movie

VieTrendy Vs Netflix

Who does not watch Netflix these days? With this amazing subscription service model, Netflix help us find shows and movies of interest to us. For a small monthly fee, we can watch as much as we want!

VieTrendy is the Netflix of bags. Let us compare the similarities between Netflix and VieTrendy! Both services are based on subscription where the subscriber can choose from a huge collection for free. So, how do you choose a movie to watch on Netflix?

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Vietrendy-a women with rented red Tory Burch bag

Never without a Bag!

A mirror, lipstick, mint tablets and reading glasses. These are the items that you can find in Queen Elizabeth “never-without” Launer London handbag.

From clutches, purses to handbags and backpacks, women can manage to carry their personal items close to their heart and match them with any outfit. And why not choose the outfit according to their favorite bag!

Author: Carine Fermanian


Your wardrobe’s wish list

Close your eyes for few seconds and imagine your wish list. Some of us will think about a romantic trip to Paris, others will ask for a new car, a dream job or maybe a set of jewelry. Have you ever thought what your wardrobe would like to have? Or what is exactly your wardrobe’s dream list?

Let’s explore it together!

Author: Carine Fermanian

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