Never without a Bag!

A mirror, lipstick, mint tablets and reading glasses. These are the items that you can find in Queen Elizabeth “never-without” Launer London handbag. From clutches, purses to handbags and backpacks, women can manage to carry their personal items close to their heart and match them with any outfit. And why not choose the outfit according to their favorite bag!

When the name first appeared back in 1900, a handbag was initiated to carry weapons, tools, food and used to be called “men hand-luggage”…so historically speaking the handbag trend started with men and not women. Ladies tend today to have a big variety of bags switching between them from day to night, from big tote bags carrying their laptops, wallets, and notepads during the day to a mini “Jacquemus” bag for only the lipstick to their night outings. What you can find in a woman’s bag can speak a lot about her lifestyle and personality. If the items in the woman’s bag can tell us about her lifestyle imagine what the style of the bag can speak about her. Let’s think about it! Imagine how the iconic Speedy Louis Vuitton bag reflects an independent business woman or the Chanel 2.55 with an elegant lady going to a brunch with her friends. The Famous Christian Dior tote bag with name initials with a trendy fashionista and the transparent Celine bag with an avant- gardist young lady. Each bag has its magic to tell us more about the lady carrying it.

From minimalist styles to big statement bags, the trend is moving to fit every woman’s style. With all the bags stuffed in her closet, a woman can never have enough bags and always wants more, maybe a different color from her Gucci bag or the new Karl Lagerfeld iconic clutch, the need for a new bag is always on her mind!

And you, what bag is on your mind now?

Author: Carine Fermanian

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