VieTrendy Vs Netflix

Who does not watch Netflix these days? With this amazing subscription service model, Netflix help us find shows and movies of interest to us. For a small monthly fee, we can watch as much as we want!

VieTrendy is the Netflix of bags. Let us compare the similarities between Netflix and VieTrendy! Both services are based on subscription where the subscriber can choose from a huge collection for free. So, how do you choose a movie to watch on Netflix?

It depends on the Occasion:

The movie we choose to watch with our family is different from what we choose with our friends or as a late-night movie when we are already in bed. The same applies when we choose the bag for a wedding, or for a casual work day, or for an evening. Be it a movie or a bag, our choice will depend on the occasion .

Who is behind it?

We can definitely choose a movie based on the actors or the director. Who does not have a favorite actor that he admires and watch all his movies? Similarly, in fashion, you can love a certain brand and therefore, favor a bag over the other based on its brand.

Genre / Type:

My favorite movies are the romantic-comedy ones. I hate action and would like horror movies from time to time. Genres are another criteria based on which we choose the movie we watch. Likewise, we may prefer tote bags over clutches. Some will go for a normal shoulder bag while others will prefer a backpack while running through their tight scheduled days. The type also plays in role in our selection.

Finally, after choosing a specific movie on Netflix, we can change our mind and swipe between a variety of movies easily. Yes, it is the same for VieTrendy! We can choose the bag that we want to rent, carry it and then swap it with another bag from the collection. It is that easy and cool!

Netflix tells us that we are “one story away” from a story worth watching. At VieTrendy, we confirm that you are “One bag away” from your dream bag closet.

Author: VieTrendy

VieTrendy vs Netflix- How similar is choosing a bag is to choosing a movie
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