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Fashion is a way to express ourselves. There should be no constraints on that whatsoever! You Shouldn’t be limited to what you own, what you paid for or what you can afford. Nowadays, fashion and styles are changing fast and luxury items are getting more and more expensive. So, why spend all the money on one bag when you can pay fraction of the price and rent a whole collection?

Experience bags and access trends without breaking the bank. At the end, we all know, no matter how much we spend, we never have enough!

VieTrendy is a new concept to rent you bags. Subscribe for a weekly or monthly package, rent a bag and exchange it as much as you want. Match your bags with your outfits and dresses easily and affordably. The collection is new, authentic and continuously updated. The bags are carefully cleaned and sterilized after every use. Also, deliveries are free of charge wherever you are in Lebanon.

Subscribe today and enjoy the service.

How It Works?

4 Simple Steps to Use VieTrendy

Subscription is easy and cheap
Explore and rent any bag from the collection
Wait for the bag you rented to be delivered to your home
Exchange the bag with another one whenever you want
A woman in white holding a Karl Lagerfeld bag rented from Vietrendy
Subscription plans

Subscribe for a week or a month and enjoy our collection

  • 1 bag/week
  • Access the whole collection
  • Free sterilization & cleaning
  • Free deliveries & insurance
  • 1 bag/month
  • Access the whole collection
  • Free sterilization & cleaning
  • Free deliveries & insurance
  • 2 bags/month
  • Access the whole collection
  • Free sterilization & cleaning
  • Free deliveries & insurance

USD to LBP rate is as per the market rate.

Why VieTrendy?

We, as Lebanese, attend a lot of events, dinners, weddings and gatherings and we need to be stylish and fashionable. For every event, we want a new dress, bag and all the accessories. We end up having a messy closets filled with barely worn pieces and insanely priced luxury branded items. From this, VieTrendy was born.

Our love for fashion brought us together to create the first of its kind service in Lebanon. A complete and continuously updated collection of luxury bags are for you to rent at an affordable price. We will provide you a better way to rent a bag you like. We hope you are as excited as we are about this idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I keep the bag I have?

You can keep the bag you have for an unlimited amount of time, as long as your membership is in good standing. Keep them for a week or an entire season — it’s up to you!

What happens if I lose or damage a bag?

Your membership fee includes insurance for minor mishaps and normal wear conditions. Significant damage, lost pieces and theft are not covered. In those cases, the charge will be for the full retail bag price, plus applicable tax.

How many bags can I have at any time?

All subscriptions will allow you to have only one bag at a time. Whenever you want to exchange a bag, you should deliver the bag at your possession when or before receiving the new one.

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